Annual Meeting

The annual meeting is open to all Oregon State USBC members.  Delegates from the local associations and the state make up the voters at the meeting.

Generally, the annual meeting will include reports from the President, Association Manager, and each of the committee chairs with ample time available for any questions from the membership.

We will also vote for Officer and Director positions that are due for election that year.  In adddition, voting will take place on any changes to the bylaws.

2018 Agenda
Board positions up for vote:
1st Vice President
District 1, Director 2
District 2, Director 2
District 2, Youth Director
District 3, Director 2
District 4, Director 2
District 4, Youth Director
District 5, Director 2

Proposed Bylaws Changes:
Bylaws proposal no 101
– Increase time available for delegate credentials to be submitted.

Bylaws proposal no 102
– Remove term limits for Directors and increase term limits for Officers

Bylaws proposal no 103
– Raise state dues by $2.00

Bylaws proposal no 104
– Adds possibility of appointing up to two ‘at-large’ Directors